My Jam This Week

  • jack savoretti songbird festival 2014

    Jack Savoretti is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. I first heard his music way back when LastFM was still one of the main music streaming services in town. I also saw him perform at the Songbird Festival in 2013. I was there as a blogger for Rotterdam Festivals.  That's where I took the picture you see above. The first Savoretti song to catch my attention was 'Chemical Courage' (2007). If you haven't heard it before, trust me, it's an amazing acoustic track.

    I'm glad to hear he has penned new music. 'Catapult' is the latest single off his latest album, Written in Scars. It's artists like these, with their honest songwriting, who inspire me to write and express whatever is on my mind.

    Savoretti provided the following description of 'Catapult' to QTheMusic: 

    “The song is about missing someone and doing everything it takes to get back to the one you love. Many times you feel like there are so many obstacles between you and that person and days just start getting longer and it seems like it’s so far out of reach that you just wished there was a quick way to be catapulted over all of it. It’s almost as if they are the prisoner in the castle and you are breaking in but then they are the one that rescues you. We wanted to capture the emotion of the song in the same way that a portrait can bring one to life. We knew director Chris Faith was the man for the job and he delivered.” 


    Check out the music video to 'Catapult'.

  • There was a time when I would discover all sorts of new music and artists. I'm talking about songs you only have to listen to once, before you find yourself listening to them every day (until they made you feel sick). It'd been a while since I'd heard something beautiful, but then I heard this song by British singer songwriter Jamie Lawson and I really wasn't expecting that.


    I was curious as to who this guy Jamie is. I took to Spotify to try and find the album and all I could find was the single and two older albums, The Pull Of The Moon and Last Night Stars. I did a bit of digging and found that Lawson actually released the single in Ireland back in 2011, before re-releasing Wasn't Expecting That in 2015. He's signed to Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread label and he has also been touring with Ed down under. 


    Jamie's songs are brilliant. I look forward to listening to more of his work in the days and weeks ahead.

    p.s. If you like what you hear, you might want to give Glen Hansard a listen. 



    "Wasn't Expecting That"


    It was only a smile
    But my heart it went wild
    I wasn't expecting that
    Just a delicate kiss
    Anyone could've missed
    I wasn't expecting that


    Did I misread the sign?
    Your hand slipped into mine
    I wasn't expecting that
    You spent the night in my bed
    You woke up and you said
    "Well, I wasn't expecting that!"


    I thought love wasn't meant to last
    I thought you were just passing through
    If I ever get the nerve to ask
    What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
    I wasn't expecting that


    It was only a word
    It was almost misheard
    I wasn't expecting that
    But it came without fear
    A month turned into a year
    I wasn't expecting that


    I thought love wasn't meant to last
    Honey, I thought you were just passing through
    If I ever get the nerve to ask
    What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
    I wasn't expecting that


    Oh and isn't it strange
    How a life can be changed
    In the flicker of the sweetest smile
    We were married in spring
    You know I wouldn't change a thing
    Without that innocent kiss
    What a life I'd have missed


    If you'd not took a chance
    On a little romance
    When I wasn't expecting that
    Time doesn't take long
    Three kids up and gone
    I wasn't expecting that


    When the nurses they came
    Said, "It's come back again"
    I wasn't expecting that
    Then you closed your eyes
    You took my heart by surprise
    I wasn't expecting that


    jamielawson wasntexpectingthat

  • 171125 los cafres 25 anos
    My Jam This Week is a video I discovered titled Los Cafres - 25 años. It's actually a full rip of the band's 25-year anniversary DVD.

    I'm a longtime fan of Latin American reggae, especially Cultura Profética (Puerto Rico) and Natiruts (Brazil). Another cool band whose songs I grew up with was Los Pericos (Argentina). I recently looked them up on Spotify and found they had an amazing live album titled '3000 Vivos (En Vivo). But then I did that thing, you know, where you look at the 'related artists'? And that's how I stumbled upon Los Cafres.

    I always knew they existed but I never bothered to check them out. How could I have been so blind...or eh, deaf? They actually sound a lot like Cultura Profética (1996) but have been around a lot longer, since 1987. Los Cafres are perhaps a bit rougher around the edges at times and the lyrics less political. I love how Latin American bands blend jazz and bolero influences in their reggae. The music is complex like a full-bodied wine and keeps you guessing as you never know when the next subtle musical surprise is coming. 

    Los Cafres - Una Perla en mi Vida (a pearl in my life)

    The video itself is interesting as well. The entire video is shot inside a theatre. However, in the first half, we see Los Cafres performing without an audience, changing their wardrobe between songs. Some songs feature a male choir, others a string ensemble, some have a female choir and then when you think you've seen it all, two Indian dancers perform a reggae choreography.

    Los Cafres - Kaos (chaos)

    The second half of the video is the 'live concert' portion. Singer Guillermo Bonetto shows up from out of nowhere and walks down the steps towards the stage in a style that can only be described as 'like a boss'! 

    Los Cafres - Hace Falta (we need)

  • 171112 natalia lafourcade tiny desk

    So I'm posting this so my website doesn't die of
    Just discovered this super freaking amazing recent Tiny Desk Concert by the awesome Natalia Lafourcade Oficial and it totally fixed my entire year. This is music... 

  • 160307 weezer la girlz

    I grew up listening to Weezer and I'm always happy whenever they release new music. L.A. Girlz is their latest song, and it's typical Weezer. Though the album is sefltitled, it's going to be regarded as the White album. Similarly, in the past there was the Green album and the ever glorious Blue album. Up to this day, I think the Blue album is the only album I've ever listened to without having to skip through songs.

    Anyways, Weezer is back and I'm excited ;-) 

    Check out the L.A. Girlz music video below: