On the music of... Linda Kreuzen


lindakreuzenLittle did I know that the neighbourhood center on my street had such a nice stage. I'd been there a few times before to vote, but never to see a live performance. Tonight's main act was Linda Kreuzen. I've known her for about half a year now and I've seen her play many times before during songwriting sessions. However, this is the first time I saw her live with her band.

I don't usually like to go out to concerts. I sometimes feel as if I've seen it all before, heard it all before and nothing really impresses me anymore. However, tonight I became a true fan. Linda has an incredible voice with a natural overdrive and a unmistakable timbre that lights a campfire in the deepest corner of your soul.

Songs like 'Heartbeat Wasted' will definitely move you. I came home and I actually listened to the songs once again on spotify. Check her out, Linda Kreuzen

Props go out to support act Fantine Tho, she's amazing on the guitar, tapping percussively as she sings with a very powerful voice. Her songs reminded me a bit of Ani Difranco.

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