"I wanna dance, I wanna dance, I wanna dance with a black woman..." The lyrics totally caught me off guard!

hotdreamsSuch are the words to the latest music video by Canadian artist Timber Timbre.
I'll admit...My first impression of this song wasn't that great. I wasn't sure if I should take the song seriously or not. 
After hearing the first 30 seconds I paused the song and went looking for the music video. I figured, the video would provide me with the proper frame of reference to better understand this track and actually, I was right.

Right off the bat the music video draws you into this vague, dimly lit strip-club. The melancholy screams at you in every scene. As the protagonist is pushed in on his wheelchair, the vocals go...
I wanna dance, I wanna dance, I wanna dance with a black woman.
I wanna still, I wanna still, I wanna still my mind
And I want a chance, I want a chance, I want another chance
To distill, to distill the time
Hot Dreams is a seductive yet melancholic song about hope for inner peace and a longing for love, in all its good and ugly glory...
In this video, the stripper symbolizes the unattainable comfort he seeks. The choice for a stripper makes his argument even more compelling; Similar to a hot dream, a strip-show does not last forever. It's little more than a fleeting fantasy....
I want to rise, I want to rise, I want to rise up beside you
I want to be, I want to be, I want to be a champion in your eyes
And I want to follow through, follow through on all my promises and threats to you baby
Hot streams, hot streams, will fork and divide, fork and divide
The song and video actually give me a bit of that feeling I had when I first watched My Blueberry Nights. (Nutshell: the first American movie by Chinese director Kar Wai Wong. The movie was mediocre, but the soundtrack and the feel, were genuine. To this day I still love one the songs on the soundtrack, Cat Power - The Greatest.
But I digress.....
So I let the song play and went about my business. By the time the song was over, I knew I found something truly enchanting. I'm sure this song isn't for everybody, but I think this is brilliant. Especially in combination with the video, which really does the song justice and helps get the point across. 
When the sax solo comes in at 3:33, that's when the song really comes together. And the extra sax at 4:06..... oempfff....
The sax plays on as the club attendees (and its employees) all stand mesmerized by the strippers' performance before them.
And then...the music intensifies...builds up towards a climax.....and all of a sudden, the Hot Dream is over...

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