February 2021 | Spellbound

Spellbound single by Bryan van Putten

'Spellbound' is finally out on YouTube and on all streaming platforms. This track is the second single released as part of the #bryanunleashed project.


About Spellbound

Yes! This is one of the many demos I had written years ago and just never got a chance to finish. Spellbound is a kizomba. If you're familiar with zouk or kompá music, then this is quite similar.

I wanted to do the song justice by showcasing the dancing style associated with it. So I contacted my friends Glen & Khristy of the DançAmore Dance Company. As former Dutch National Bachata Champions and Kizomba experts Glen & Khristy know their stuff. In a former life I also followed their Bachata & Kizomba beginners classes, so I know first-hand!  When the time came to find a dance duo for my #musicvideo, the choice was easy, and I'm honoured they said yes to the collaboration!


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Listen to Spellbound right here: