We play Emergenza Tomorrow!!

Bryan van PuttenTomorrow night we play the Rotterdam semi-finals of the Emergenza Festival at the Baroeg! The band is pumped up and excited and the tickets sales have been going great! We're going to be performing a brand new song as well so be sure to be there so you don't miss out on the world premiere!

We still have tickets so let me know if you need any and we'll strike a deal to meet somewhere. However, after 16:00 tomorrow it's out our hands but luckily, you can still get tickets at the door for an additional 2 euro's. In any case, we're going to rock out with our tongues out and really have a good time :p

We're on stage at 20:00!! The gig lasts 25 minutes, after which you raise your hand. That's how the votes are counted! So be on time, otherwise you miss the show and the chance to help us qualify for the next round. More info on the venue? check out http://www.baroeg.nl

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