Through to the finals! Grote Prijs Rotterdam 2013 here we come!

On Sunday, october 13th the band and I performed at the Grote Prijs Rotterdam prefinals. It was a long and tedious day, but at the same time lots of fun. We saw many performances by bands, rappers and singer/songwriters and they were all very good. We competed in the Singer/Songwriter category and qualified with flying colours. Now it's time for the next step; on November 17th we take the stage in LantarenVenster and go for the gold. 


The official (random) list of winners in the Singer/Songwriter category is as follows, (from left to right):

- Bryan van Putten
- Neda Boin
- Elke
- The Rizzo Family
- Richard Beukelaar

So what's next... Our next set is going to be 5 minutes longer, so we're planning which songs to add to the setlist. It's gonna be a long and productive road, whatever happens I know we did our best and I am very proud of the guys for what we have accomplished so far. 

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