New Single Out! Spanish Heartbreak

With great pride and satisfaction, I can finally announce that my new single, 'Spanish Heartbreak' is out. This song was originally written back in 2011. I recorded and performed different versions of it, from electronic to full on string quartet lol. Eventually, with a full-length album in mind, I felt I had to take it into yet another direction and this is the result. 

The song is available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify among other digital music services.




Liner notes:
Of course it's hard to do these things on your own. So I would like to thank a couple of my friends who helped make this possible. Special thanks go out to Emiel Janssen, De Fan Zeng and Carlos Guiamo for ruthlessly critiquing my mixes, as well as to Monica Pulido and Tamara Rutkovska for their 24/7 advice and support. A very special thanks also goes out to the talented artist who designed the cover for Spanish Heartbreak, Natusha Croes. Most of all, a sincere thank you goes out to the muse who gave me a reason to write this song. She will rename nameless...

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