Live at RAAF Rotterdam Saturday June 7th

Bryan van Putten live at the Rotterdam Songcrafters Showcase

Next Saturday June 7th I'll be performing at RAAF Rotterdam as part of the Rotterdam Songcrafters collective. In total 7 of us are going to take the stage:

Line up:
- Bryan van Putten -
- Maaike Siegerist -
- KOOS - 
- Danny Molendijk -
- Nicolas Joan - 
- Irene Bom -
- Thomas Florusse -

Start: 20:00
Entrance: €5,-

Songcrafters you ask? I think it's been almost a year now, since we first started having monthly songwriting sessions. We sit in a circle, present our latest work, share our thoughts and opinions. Sounds funny right? But one of my last singles, 'Better Off Than Me' was actually written because of these sessions. Life has been so busy lately, I don't think I'd really write much anymore if it weren't for these sessions. But I'll tell you all about that on Saturday ;-)

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