Leaving the art to the artists

Major announcement: I decided to have the cover art for my upcoming singles made by graphic designers and artists. Yes, I feel a 'duh' coming up, but this is actually a big deal for me, because I'm the kind of guy who'd want to do everything himself, all the time.

So I'm letting go and I'm invoking the imaginations of great artists to interpret these songs as they wish. I must admit I'm very curious as to what they will come up with. Among these great artists is Natusha Croes. Natusha is currently working on the cover art for Spanish Heartbreak. Natusha and I seem to share an interest in hearts, so I thought she'd be a perfect match for this song. She's really into illustrations, mixed media film and fashion projects and her work is really raw and out there imho.

Check out her portfolio here (http://natushacroes.tumblr.com/)

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