Jamming with Monica

Hey y'all. Monica Pulido and I have started practicing the Aruba national anthem for our performance March 24th. That's the date this year, for the annual Aruba Day celebration.

It's a huge celebration with thousands of people, excellent live music and good food which is always held on the first Sunday after the official flag day (March 18th). (www.arubadagviering.nl)

The music for Aruba Dushi Tera was originally composed by Rufo Wever and the lyrics were thought up by Juan Chabaya (Padu) Lampe. Aruba Dushi Tera was actually recorded in 1952, but was only adopted as the national anthem on March 18th, 1976.The beautiful symphonies heard in the official version of the anthem were performed by a Venezuelan orchestra under the direction of Anibal Abreu. Check it out!  

Aruba Dushi Tera (English translation thanks to Wikipedia)








Aruba appreciated native land
our venerated cradle
you may be small and simple
but yet you are respected.

Oh Aruba dear country
our rock so beloved
our love for you is so strong
that nothing can destroy it. (repeat)

Your beaches so much admired
with palm trees all adorned
your coat of arms and flag
is the proudness of us all!


The greatness of our people
is their great cordiality
that God may guide and preserve
his love for liberty!


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