Grote Prijs Rotterdam finals was a blast

On Sunday November 24th we competed in the finals of the Grote Prijs Rotterdam 2013. It was definitely a great experience. It was a great ride from prefinals to finals, where we also met lots of cool musicians and enjoyed their shows. Someone even compared me to Michael Kiwanuka, though I kinda doubt that myself hehe. Unfortunately we didn't win Sure, it would have been nice to collect a 1000 euros in prize money. I could have used that money to fund the printing of the album (believe it or not, hardcopies are still a must) or otherwise invested it towards having a professional music video done. However, when (insert life hands you lemons etc), and that's why it's all good.    

Bryan van Putten finale Grote Prijs Rotterdam

I'd like to thank the band for the great performance, the Popunie for organising such a great event as well as all the friends who came out to support us. As for 'Bryan van Putten', it's back to business. Throughout the Grote Prijs, I kinda neglected working on my recordings. So, as of today I'm getting back in the saddle and will be working on new releases. 

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